Carlos Gromo is Reimagining Famous Paintings as Beloved Disney Characters

Disney movies have proven to be a great source of inspiration for many artists who found viral fame thanks to their work. Graphic designer Carlos Gromo is one of them, and he specializes in creating illustrations of Disney characters inspired by famous works of art.

Gromo’s main goal was to make famous works of art more accessible and introduce them to people who aren’t too familiar with art history. His illustrations have the same composition as some iconic masterpieces we all know and love, but the original characters are replaced by our favorite Disney heroes and heroines.

Gustav Klimt “The Kiss”, Grant Wood’s “American Gothic”, and John William Waterhouse’s “The Siren” are only some famous paintings Gromo used as inspiration in the past. His renditions are truly magical, and he’s hoping they’ll encourage everyone who sees them to learn more about art history.

The Spanish artist enjoyed creating illustrations inspired by Disney movies long before he started working on this popular series. He shared many gender-bent depictions of Disney characters and Disneyfied versions of other popular movies and TV shows, but there’s something that sets this viral series apart.

Check some of our favorite designs below.