How to Make the Most Beautiful Upcycled Planters

DIY Planter
Photo by Jakub Jacobsky on Unsplash

Do you have some old items sitting around the house collecting dust? Let’s grab them and give them a new purpose. Making upcycled planters is a fun and easy way to breathe new life into things. Not only will you get some chic new home décor, but you’ll also feel great about doing something good for the planet.

Selecting Your Containers

Virtually anything can be turned into a planter if it can hold soil and handle a bit of moisture. Consider repurposing old boots or shoes, which are excellent for succulents and small flowers. Vintage tins can give a splash of color, while wooden crates or drawers offer a rustic charm. Even used tires and broken appliances can morph into innovative plant homes.

Preparing Your Container

Start by giving your chosen container a thorough cleaning to eliminate any potentially harmful residues. Next, drill or punch holes in the bottom of your container for drainage. This will prevent water accumulation and protect your plant’s roots.

Decorating Your Planter

Lastly, decorating your planter is where your creativity really shines. Paint, add accessories like decorative knobs, handles, or even pieces of fabric can enhance the visual appeal. For a touch of nature, try adorning your planter with rope or twine.