These Black Female Artist are Ones to Watch

With everything going on around the world, it’s important to celebrate and honor the Black community, especially in the art industry. The following Instagram artists are all Black females and their works are stunning, but it’s the stories behind them that will make you want to show your support. Their works feature bold colors, that will add a statement to any room they’re placed in. Check these amazing women out!

Bisa Butler

This fiber artist stays true to her Ghanaian roots by using mainly African fabrics that resemble those of Kente cloth and wax-printed fabric. To create her pieces, she starts by choosing a vintage photograph, creating a sketch, and then selecting African fabric to encompass the subject’s history.

Her work celebrates Black life, “I want to show the world who we really are; we are people of grace, of dignity, of pride, of love. We are beautiful, and we are human beings who not only deserve to live; we deserve honor. If people walk away with one thing when seeing my images, I want them to see a reflection of humanity and realize that this was always there—if you take the time to look,” she told Martha Stewart Living.

Melarie Odelusi

Odelusi specializes in creating custom pieces for brands and clients. She starts by asking questions to get the vision and then she creates a mood board and color palette before creating a digital sketch for the final product. “My mission as an artist is to celebrate women, especially Black women, our many layers, our femininity and strength while encouraging empowerment and representation through illustration and modern lettering,” she told Martha Stewart Living

Audrianna Woods

Woods paints things that express her vibe and she creates from her heart. Her works represent African American culture and she wants the world to see that being Black is beautiful. “It’s my mission to bring into the light how much color, expression, history, and power that’s embedded in my culture,” Woods told Martha Stewart Living.