LumiPod’s Tiny Cabins Let You Reconnect with Nature Anywhere You Are

There’s something truly magical about escaping a bustle of a big city and relaxing in a secluded cabin in the middle of the woods, but what if we told you can take the cabin with you anywhere you go? That’s exactly the idea behind LumiPod, a revolutionary mobile living unit that offers ultimate comfort and unique design.

LumiPod was created by the French company Lumicane, and the idea behind is simple, yet pretty inventive. Instead of camping or sleeping in an RV, LumiPod allows you to spend your time in nature inside a small prefabricated home, with all the amenities your heart desires.

LumiPod’s official website describes it as “a real cocoon of simplicity, settled in the middle of nature to welcome city dwellers willing to relax away from the concrete jungle.” Built-in Lumicane windows allow you to fully immerse in nature because they offer authentic flow between indoor and outdoor spaces.

LumiPods currently come in three different sizes, ranging from tiny ones that fit the size of a hotel room to bigger models for family stays. In addition to the curved window that offers beautiful panoramic views, each one comes with privacy curtains, a bathroom, wardrobe, and technical room. Their interior design pretty much mimics classic luxury hotel rooms, because they aim to provide you with the same kind of comfort while you’re fully surrounded by nature.