Lone Fox is YouTube’s Best Source of Trendy DIY Tutorials

YouTube is the internet’s No. 1 source of DIY inspiration, especially once you discover the channels that are constantly posting amazing content. Drew Scott of Lone Fox is the mastermind behind one of those channels and he’s here to teach you to pull off some of the trendiest DIY tricks.

Scott started his channel back in 2011 and attracted over 850,000 subscribers so far. His main goal is to provide his fans with their daily dose of DIY, but many of his videos focus on home makeovers and renovations.

One of our favorite things about Lone Fox is that he’s keeping up with the latest home décor trends, especially in the world of DIY. If you see something you like on TikTok or Pinterest, but aren’t sure you can afford it, it’s highly likely you’ll get to learn how to make it in one of his tutorials.

His videos are super-fun and very informative at the same time since he shows each step of the DIY process and lists all the tools and materials you’ll need along the way. Many of his tutorials feature several projects that fall under the same category, such as bohemian or minimalistic décor. We’re bringing you some of his very best clip, but feel free to go exploring on your own.