Graphic Designer Creates Alphabet Illustrations Inspired by Cartoon Characters

Many illustrators draw inspiration from beloved cartoons we all used to watch as children. That’s exactly the idea behind some of Tadeo Soriano’s viral alphabet illustrations that take the form of the popular animated characters we all know and love.

The Peruvian artist is best known for his amazing character designs, but he took things to a whole new level with his new series “36 Days of Type”. Designers all over the world are creating their own letters and fonts as a part of this challenge, and Soriano found a way to put his own twist on it.

The main idea behind this concept is to create alphabet letters and numbers inspired by beloved cartoon characters. To make the whole thing even better, Soriano often matches the characters with the letters based on their names, and the final result is really amazing.

SpongeBob SquarePants, Sesame Street, and Hey, Arnold! are only some of the animated series that served as inspiration for Soriano’s illustrations. In addition to looking great, his designs can be a great educational tool for parents and teachers trying to help kids learn their ABC’s.