Fall in Love With Wooden Statement Lighting With These Etsy Brands

Statement lighting will be one of the leading home décor trends in 2022. If you’re trying to make it sustainable and stylish at the same time, wooden lamps and chandeliers are your best bet. Here are some of the best Etsy brands putting this trend on the map right now.


This design workshop based in Greece specializes in Scandinavian designs. Pendant lights are their signature product, but they also offer everything from table lamps and hanging wood lights to lighting-unrelated products such as jewelry and candle holders.

Het Lichtlab

Based in the Netherlands, Het Lichtlab is one of Etsy’s leading brands putting statement lighting on the map and not just one made of wood. Their offer is extremely versatile and they have something in store for everyone. From fans of edgy industrial lighting to those who prefer designs with a more subtle and natural feel.

Studio Vayehi

This studio based in Israel is dedicated to putting natural lighting in the spotlight. When designing their lampshades, they start with what is close at hand, usually natural materials. That’s why most of their lamps and chandeliers are usually made of wood and they’ll win you over with their subtle colors and quirky shapes.