Woods + Dangaran Are Creating California’s Most Sublime Modern Homes

Beautiful modern homes are scattered all across California, from Palm Springs to Beverly Hills, and Woods + Dangaran are the masterminds behind some of the very best. This LA-based architectural duo specializes in crafting sublime modern homes, which manage to be lavish and warm at the same time.

Founded by Brett Woods and Joseph Dangaran, who met at USC and graduated together in 2006, Woods + Dangaran became a huge hit thanks to their holistic designs inspired by mid-century modern aesthetics. Their work has been described as transformative and they aim to create spaces that are quietly luxurious, elegantly fluid, and warmly modern.

“Working across the country, we design holistically and at every scale: from integrating architecture and interiors to creating custom furnishings. The result are projects that are subtle and disciplined, pure in form, and focused on realizing sublime experiences of space and light,” explains the duo on their official website.

Woods + Dangaran often try to reflect the history of LA through their designs, and most of their buildings happen to be located in this city. The rest are mostly scattered across California, including their latest architectural triumph—a weekend home in Palm Springs.

Despite their modern exterior, Woods + Dangaran buildings are anchored in simplicity and they do an amazing job blending into their surroundings and becoming one with the natural world around them.