Fairy Tong’s Whimsical Dresses Live Up to Their Dreamy Name

From Selkie to Teuta Matoshi, viral brands producing fairy tale dresses are all the rage right now, and we’re always in the mood to discover a new one. Fairy Tong is the latest to catch our eye with its whimsical, dreamy, and romantic dresses worthy of a Disney princess.

This London-based brand was founded by Yingtong Chung in 2020, but it has already grown a big following, with over 40,000 Instagram followers under its belt. Before embarking on this journey, Chung spent four years in the luxury fashion industry but eventually decided to pursue her childhood passion of creating dreamy dresses that have the power to awaken your inner princess.

According to its official website, Fairy Tong is “a brand full of romantic and ethereal pieces that a fairy tale princess would wear in this modern world.” They’re instantly recognizable thanks to intricate laces, silks, retro prints, and delicate embroideries used in their making, with every piece bringing a beautiful story.

Fairy Tong is an ethical, slow-fashion brand, and each dress is handmade on demand, with the wearer’s measurements in mind, and you can also find tops and skirts on the brand’s official website. In addition to selling her designs online, Chung presented them at Sitara Fashion Show—probably just one of many expected in her future.