Bradford Shellhammer Transformed Upstate NY Farm Into Quirky Paradise

Famous NYC entrepreneur Bradford Shellhammer is a man of many talents, but design happens to be one of his biggest passions. He owns an upbeat farm in upstate New York called Rode Barns, and he spent a lot of time transforming it into a quirky paradise.

Before he got his hands on it, this 13-acre farmhouse in Stuyvesant, NY, three stables stood in its place, but he gave them a chance to shine. He painted them in vibrant colors, both inside and out, and created one of the grooviest countryside retreats you’ll ever see.

Each room/barn comes in a different shade, ranging from red and pink to black and green, and that’s not a coincidence. Shellhammer told Architectural Digest that he was inspired by the light and the way the sun hits different angles in interesting ways that create different shapes and colors throughout the day.

The colorful walls aren’t the only thing that makes the rooms truly pop. Shellhammer also made sure to play around with home décor, welcoming retro decorations into his home, ranging from disco balls and vintage furniture to modern artwork and quirky prints.

To make the whole thing even better, the stables were also painted from the outside in different shades of red and black. Rode Barns is the ultimate makeover project and an amazing reflection of Shellhammer’s immense creativity.