5 Talented Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram

Instagram used to be about taking pictures of your daily activities, cute animals, and the latest fashion trends, but it’s become a great way for creatives to show off their portfolios and designs. The following designers specialize in everything from typography, illustration, animation to painting and 3D. If you want to get some inspiration and bring some style to your feed, you have to start following these graphic designers.


For an explosion of color, handcrafted type, and psychedelic animation, turn to Mike Perry’s Instagram page. You may even recognize some of his work from the title card of Comedy Central’s sitcom Broad City.

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Mister Doodle specializes in handcrafted typography. His thought provoking quotes are paired with breathtaking scenery which make them even more meaningful.



This 3D type lettering artist transforms words from simple letters to images that literally jump off the page. His work, although often minimalistic, is carefully constructed, and it will inspire you to let your creative juices flow.



For cheesy puns and motivational sayings all wrapped up in bold typography, you have to check out Lauren Hom’s page. Her typography is featured in soup, jars, baking sheets, baked goods, walls, and stationary.



One of the biggest names in the design world and one half of the design force Sagmeister & Walsh, Jessica Walsh takes a look at current events, and she provides great life advice mixed in with satirical commentary.