TheToyZone Creates Homes From Movies and TV Shows in Polly Pockets

Any ’90s kid remembers Polly Pockets, the toy line of dolls and accessories that came in a dollhouse box that could be carried anywhere you went. Polly Pockets were created by Chris Wiggs who made the toy for his daughter Katie in 1983 in a powder compact before it was taken over by Bluebird Toys and then Mattel. Since its creation, it’s had many remakes, relaunches, redesigns, and even movies.

But, we haven’t seen much from Polly Pocket in recent years until TheToyZone decided to revive them once again. For the revival, they teamed up with CGI artist Jan Koudela to create homes from popular movies and TV shows. So far, they’ve created six fictional homes including Stranger Things, The Lord of the Rings, Friends, The Simpsons, The Shining, and The Royal Tenenbaums.

“This is what would happen if Polly Pocket decided to ‘do a LEGO’ and absorb a few popular on-screen franchises…,” they appropriately captioned the Instagram post featuring the Polly Pockets.

Perhaps what’s even better than the actual designs are the website’s descriptions of them. For the Friends one of Monica’s apartment the description reads, “Monica Geller has long coveted a dollhouse, but she was imagining something a bit bigger than this. Still, the unofficial Friends Polly Pocket will be a lot easier to keep spotlessly clean than her ‘real’ West Village apartment, or Aunt Sylvia’s vintage doll mansion. All Monica’s Polly Pocket is missing is a Bachelor Pad Pocket across the hallway. Oh yeah, and a giant dog to pee on the roof. Could Monica’s apartment be any cuter?”

The Stranger Things of the Byers’ house is just as good, “The hinges of the Stranger Things Polly Pocket are more than an opening mechanism. They represent a portal between Joyce Byers’ home and the Upside Down that lurks beneath Hawkins, Indiana. Stranger Things is the perfect 1980s throwback, and it wouldn’t be surprising for an early Polly Pocket commercial to show up on Will and Jonathan’s TV. Will you have sleepless nights knowing there’s a tiny Upside Down in your toy chest?”

They’re looking for more inspiration from fans on what films and TV shows to design next. So, if you have an idea of what you’d like to see, leave a comment on their Instagram post.