Your Guide to Photographing Fall Foliage

In many parts of the country, it’s starting to feel a lot like fall. Hot drinks, apple and pumpkin baked goods, bundling up in a cozy blanket under the fireplace—it’s a special time of year. It also happens to be a great season for photography with all the rich reds, deep oranges, and bright yellows that can be found in nature. So, get out your camera and start capturing this beautiful season with these tips for getting the most out of your photos.


Pay attention to when the leaves start to turn colors and check the forecast for foliage in your town. The peak of folliage differs across states, so don’t be afraid to do some traveling to capture fall at its finest.

Go Beyond the Leaves

While leaves are beautiful, there are already tons of pictures of them out there, so think about other elements of fall. Photograph fog, moss, rivers, winding roads, people sipping hot drinks, and kids playing outside.


Think about golden hour and catch the light in the early hours of the morning after sunrise or right before sunset in the late afternoon. The golden light will make your shots look warmer.

Embrace the Contrast of Colors

Play with colors and try and embrace the range of colors by finding a contract like bright yellow leaves and blue skies, or piles of leaves in reds, browns, and yellows.