Sky Blue is Etsy’s Color of the Year, Here’s How to Decorate With It

Over the past decade, there has been a ton of “it colors” with everything from millennial pink, Gen Z yellow, and slime green being popular at one point. And the latest color of the year according to Etsy is sky blue, which is only expected to become more popular going into 2021. The color is calming, which is what we could all use after such a tough year. Sky blue has already made it’s ways into our closets and now, it’s time to incorporate it into your home. Here are five ways to add a touch of sky blue to your living space.


Rugs take up a lot of space on the floor, so instead of choosing a neutral shade, add some much-needed color into your living room with a sky blue rug. If you want a more subtle touch of the color, look for rugs in more traditional shades with hints of sky blue.

Table Accents

For smaller doses of sky blue, dinnerware is a great place to add some color into your kitchen. It’s the easiest way to not invest too much money in the color trend, but still feel like you’re trying something new.


If you’re looking to really dive into the trend, invest in furniture like sofas and chairs. You’ll want to relax on these sofas after a long winter day.


For a look to cover much of your living space, decorate your walls with trendy wallpapers with a matching trim.