Get Ready to Capture Moments with These Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Christmas is just weeks away and if you haven’t done so already, it’s time to take Christmas card photos. This year, more than ever, it’s important to spread cheer and with these Christmas card ideas, you’ll put a smile on your friends and family’s faces. Whether you like candid or staged photos, there are ideas on here for everyone.

Cozy Pajamas

Get your family some matching pajamas and pose next to a Christmas trees. Flannel or gingerbread ones capture the holiday spirit.

In Action

Make photos more interesting by taking candid ones while baking or preparing decorations. Make sure the area is well let and get to snapping.

Get Cozy Under a Blanket

Make your Christmas cards super cozy by posing with your family under a blanket outdoors. Choose one with a pop of color to really make the photo stand out.

Just Pets

If your furry friend is your baby, take a photo of them for your Christmas card. Throw in a Christmas tree ornament and your photo is complete.

Snow Kisses

Have you already gotten your first snow of the season? Take before and after photos of blowing snow. It’s creative and super adorable.