Nana Quagraine Brings African Culture to the Design World

If you haven’t heard of the home decor brand 54kibo, now’s the time to find out about it. The company makes contemporary African designs with sustainably made goods across 54 countries. Founded by Nana Quagraine, her mission is to bring African design into the mainstream design world, “I was inspired to launch our brand because I am driven to share African culture with the world and to keep our heritage alive for future generations,” she told Martha Stewart magazine.

54kibo began in 2017 around the time that Quagraine’s two children were born, which inspired her to go for her dreams. She wanted her children to grow up in the United States, but to still remember their African heritage and traditions.

The collection is made using traditional African design techniques with modern expressions and it consists of one-of-a-kind furniture and decor including rugs, throw pillows, lighting, kids’ items, etc. The design techniques they incorporate include dyeing, weaving, beading, and woodwork. What’s even more impressive is that 99% of the pieces in the collection are handmade and most of the items are exclusive to the company.

The company’s philosophy is about sustainability and they pride themselves on their strong relationships with designers who use sustainable practices in their work as well as providing jobs to their communities.

The collection is full of unique, statement pieces, but if we had to choose our favorites we’d go with the Woven Mirror Artwork, the Nkyimu Organic Swaddles, the Woven Necklace Pendant Lighting, Djembe Side Table, and the Savannah Hand-Crocheted Stuffed Toys.