Moshe Safdie is the Mastermind Behind the Biggest Wonders of Modern Architecture

If we had to pick a single architect that changed the way we approach this art form today, it would definitely be Moshe Safdie. The Israeli architect and urban designer pushes boundaries with each new building he creates and these are some of his most iconic masterpieces.

Habitat 67 (Montreal, Canada)

Safdie’s debut project sent ripple waves through the architecture world and helped launch his career. It consists of 54 identical, prefabricated concrete forms arranged in various combinations to form a cohesive unit.

Photo by philippe collard on Unsplash

Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)

This lavish resort is one of Singapore’s most recognizable landmarks. It consists of three hotel towers and SkyPark placed on top of the buildings, and its unusual design was inspired by decks of cards.

Jewel Changi Airport (Singapore)

Singapore’s nature-themed airport is best known for its picturesque glass-and-steel façade and glowing dome, designed by a team of architects led by Moshe Safdie.

Crystal Bridges Museum (Bentonville, Arkansas)

This art museum in Arkansas is worth visiting for its architecture alone. This glass-and-wood structure is nestled around two ponds and forest trails, and it’s truly magnificent both inside and out.

Kauffman Center (Kansas City, Missouri)

Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts took five years to complete, and 40,000 square feet of glass and 25,000 cubic yards of concrete went into its creation.