John Derian’s Halloween Collection is Delightfully Spooky

John Derian’s collaboration with Target is a gift that keeps on giving, and his latest collection hit the shelves at the perfect time. The quirky designers created a new, spooky line of Halloween home décor for this brand, and we’re in love with every single item!

According to Target’s official press release, Derian’s collection was “inspired by otherworldly objects and imagery” and he tried to bring “his unconventional, elevated aesthetic—and a decidedly spooky vibe” to his first line of Halloween oddities created specifically for Target.

Derian enjoyed collaborating with Target because their partnership allows him to share his passion for beautiful antique images with many different people. He did it once again with his Halloween collection, which he described as “funny-scary” because it encapsulates the magic and playfulness of this holiday.

Derian’s new Target collection features serving trays, glassware and towel sets, lanterns, and candle holders. It also comes with an impressive selection of throw pillows, including one shaped like a life-size stuffed skeleton. The entire collection features nearly 50 items, and they started selling at Target stores and online on October 10th.