Clayrene Chan Creates Beautiful Illustrations with Nail Polish

We’ve seen tons of fashion illustrators create amazing artwork featuring glittery ballgowns, dainty florals tops, and glittery bags, but we haven’t seen them create haute couture gowns with household beauty items. Enter Singapore based artist Clayrene Chan who paints said illustrations using nail polish. With clients like Chanel, Dior, Prada, Christian Louboutin, and Diane von Furstenberg, it’s safe to say that Chan’s sort of a big deal.

Like many of us, Chan started creating with nail polish on her nails, but unlike us, she challenged herself to try nail art techniques on paper mixed with water. The results ended up being similar to watercolor paintings with added embellishments like glitter and sequins.

Her inspiration comes from the latest collections, magazines, and social media, “It’s like picking up my dream gown and painting them to life. Sometimes, I will just draw and paint through my imagination, a feeling like dreams come true!”, she told Martha Stewart.

She admits that she’s been into fashion since she was young, “I was always in love with fashion, especially haute couture and fantasy gowns,” she said. “I was deeply inspired by fairly tales since I was a kid. With my fine art background and my passion in fashion, I think fashion illustration is the best way to apply my art and my love of fashion together.”

And the best part of painting with nail polish? “It’s convenient to bring around,” she said, “and I can paint my nails anytime!”