Dyspnea’s Delicate Clothes Are All About That Dazzle

Dreamy fashion pieces have been ruling the world this year, and several cult fashion brands managed to find viral fame thanks to their fairy tale-worthy designs. Dyspnea was one of those brands, and their clothes are instantly recognizable thanks to the sparkly details they all feature.

Dyspnea was named after the medical term that describes shortness of breath because its founders, Rachel Motteram and Jameen Zalfen, wanted to design pieces that will take your breath away. According to their official website, their clothes have “enough fluffs and sparkle to give anyone a migraine” and that’s exactly part of their charm.

This brand mostly specializes in making embellished sassy negligee pieces. From retro, disco-inspired dresses and tops to miniskirts and blingy pants, all of Dyspnea’s designs have three things in common—they’re sparkly, sheer, and impossible to resist.

Another thing that we love about Dyspnea is its commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. As their business grew, Motteram and Zalfen started searching for artisan makers skilled at hand-beading and found what they’re looking for in Bali, Indonesia. In addition to being eco-friendly, their clothes are also incredibly inclusive, and you can get them in any size because they’re made to order.