100+ Free Mockups: Apple Watch and Other Latest Smartwatches

Smartwatch is not a gadget from the future, it belongs to present time. That is the reason there are so many clients requiring designers to create apps for smartwatches and that’s the reason why we have been focusing on designing for smartwatches for few weeks.

Now when we have covered techniques of UI designing for smartwatches, it is time to find some resources to present those designs. After all, presentation is half the design.

So today I have selected some of the best looking Apple Watch (why not iWatch?) mockups, and some other mockups belonging to the other smartwatches in the market.

Most of the mockups featured here are sets of mockups. When I roughly counted they were totaling over 180 mockups. I could have said 200+ mockups but just to be statistically correct, I’ve stated only 100+. You can be sure that the total collection is actually bigger than you would ever need.

Around 80% of these mockups open in Photoshop but not all. There are some for Adobe Illustrator and some for Sketch as well. Please check the descriptions to check which software do they open in. If nothing is mentioned, they are PSD files.

Free Apple Watch Mockup Collection

The following are mockups of Apple Watch only. In the next section we’ll check out mockups for other smartwatches as well.

4 Free PSD Apple Watch Mockups

These are pretty straightforward but highly useful mockups.

Apple Watch PSD Mockup

Wearing Apple Watch

I loved this mockup because the photo is taken from such an angle that the viewers whole attention automatically gets funneled towards the design.

Smartwatch on a Mans Wrist

Watch on Wrist

This is a free mockup template with an Apple Watch on a male arm. It is a Photoshop file.

Apple Watch on Wrist Mock up

Neon Styled Mockup

This photorealistic contains a laptop neon styled keyboard in the background which gives it a certain tech look.

Apple Watch Neon

9 Bright Mockups

We checked two dark themed mockups, so here’s a really bright one. This is a set of nine mockups.

Bright Mockups

Fitness Mockup

This is a high-resolution Apple Watch mock-up that you can use to display your fitness app or simply as stock photo.

Apple Watch Fitness Mock up

7 Color Variation Mockups

This mockup comes in seven color variations. The angle and shape stays same but the color of the strap changes. You should choose the color that suits your design the most.

Seven Apple Watch Mockups

Simple Apple Watch

This is not a set, contains only one mockup but it’s a pretty cool one. It contains one of the most authentic looks of Apple Watch that’s why I thought I must add this one.

Apple Watch Mock up

Flat PSD Mockups

This mockup is made using material design guidelines and contains four color variations. Changing the angle and look is pretty easy in this mockup because it is flat.

Flat Apple Watch Mock ups

Apple Watch Mockups for Sketch

Would you feel like betraying Steve Jobs if you were using an Apple Watch mockup on Windows? Well, if you only use Sketch then no problem. Here’s a set of mockups for you.

Apple Watch Mockup for Sketch

iWatch Mockup

This mockup was created when everyone thought this watch was going to be called iWatch. (Why wasn’t it named iWatch?)

iWatch Mockup

Full Front

This has to be one of the simplest designs here. It doesn’t contain any details so it should be an ideal mockup if you need one to use in small size.

Apple Watch Front

Side and Front

This is a mock up set. All layered PSD files.

Apple Smartwatch Mock-up Set

Classic Apple Watch

This is a classic themed Apple Watch mockup and icon pack.

Classic Apple Watch Mockup

12 Apple Watch Mock-ups

This is a mockup kit for Apple Watch designs.

Apple Watch Mock-ups

Random Smartwatch Mockups

Now, finally we have completed Apple Watch mockups so now it’s time to look at some of the other cool smartwatches available in the market.

Round Smartwatch Mockups

This is one of the coolest mockup packs in the list. It contains 9 high resolution highly detailed absolutely beautiful mockups.

9 Smartwatch Mockups


This is a damn cool mockup. A mockup, above all else, is suppose to look jaw-dropping awesome, that’s exactly what this mockup is.

Moto360 Photorealistic Mockup

Moto 360 Flat Vector

This is ideal for web and for using low-sized graphics. This one opens in Adobe Illustrator.

Moto360 Vector

Moto360 Wireframe

This is a resource if you want to create wireframes and prototype designs.

Moto360 Wireframe

Samsung Galaxy Gear

This is a mockup for one of the biggest competitors of Apple Watch in the market, Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Android Wear Smartwatch

This is a round smartwatch mockup for an Android Wear running watch.


3 PSD Files

I really liked the fact that this mockup contains desktop layout (in the background) and smartwatch layout simultaneously.