Evelina Edens’ Snack-Inspired Jewelry is a Food Lovers Dream

We love some good old ’90s nostalgia and Evelina Edens’ snack-inspired beaded jewelry is just that. Edens’ brand, Wear Your Snacks, creates whimsical accessories inspired by food. And Edens is super into food, “I’m super into food — like 98 percent of my brain is occupied with plotting my next meal, and one day I was like, ‘huh, it’d be kind of fun to have an anchovy necklace, wouldn’t it?,'” the designer told Allure.

Wear Your Snacks started after Edens graduated from college and she needed something to keep her busy while she was stuck at home. That’s when she decided to create food-related necklaces to sell on Instagram. Edens donates the profit to organizations like Off Their Plate, Know Your Rights Camp, and the Okra Project. Right now, for each item sold, $1 is being donated to The Sunshine Movement, which is an organization that centers around stopping climate change and is creating jobs while working for their cause.

In regards to the inspiration for her work, most of the pieces are inspired by the colors and patterns of the food. “It’s been a fun challenge to have to figure out how to create cute color palettes for things like tuna salad and beef jerky!” she says. “It’s also wildly entertaining to read through custom requests because people have such interesting snack preferences — meat, untoasted bagels, and so on.”

The goal of Edens project is simple—she just wants to make people smile, as everyone can use some light-hearted humor in their days now.

To buy from this amazing brand, head to their website or contact Eden for custom pieces. The necklaces are around $18-$22 and the bracelets are $10.