5 Tips For Creating an Engaging Instagram

Instagram has become the preferred social media platform and tons of people and businesses are using it to keep friends and followers updated on every aspect of their lives. Whether you’re sharing your travel adventures, cooking tips, outfit of the day, or beauty selfies, Instagram has become the place to stand out and create a loyal audience. Here are some tips on how to grow your followers and create an engaging Instagram account.

Pick a Username

Unless you have an established blog name, for your username try and pick something professional and catchy. After you’ve done this, add a profile picture and a bulleted bio that’s short and to the point.

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Select Your Niche

Narrow down your interests and keep your page focused on those. Are you interested in fitness, beauty, fashion, travel, food, or photography? You can have a couple of interests, but don’t make your page too complicated. When someone looks at your page, they should automatically know what your niche is.

Use Hashtags & Geotags

By adding hashtags, you’re increasing your visibility on other accounts related to your topic, which means more people will see your page. The same goes for geotags, when someone is searching for specific places, if you geotag your post, they are more likely to stumble upon your page.


Engage With Your Followers

Following, engaging, and tagging photos with other accounts will allow people to find your page. This can help you get featured in accounts or stories and increase your following.

Post Regularly

The more you post, the easier it will be for your audience to connect with you. Try and post at around the same time every day and to reply to the comments people leave on your pictures.