Discover the Magical World of Javier Senosiain’s Organic Architecture

Many architects used nature as their driving force, but only a few managed to come as close to integrating it in their work as Javier Senosiain. This Mexican architect is a true master of organic architecture and his designs often take the form of animals, plants, and other natural objects that we can see at every turn.

After graduating from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Senosiain stuck around as a professor of architecture, while developing his career and personal style as an architect. Even before pursuing architecture, he drew inspiration from simple things that looked like true wonders in his eyes.

Senosiain’s designs are largely inspired by man’s relationship with nature. That’s why he often builds grass-covered, cave-like structures, either shaped like animals or inspired by their natural habitat. Many of his buildings feature colorful tiles that he uses to pay homage to his cultural heritage.

Senosiain prides himself in creating organic architecture, ranging from office buildings and residential homes to industrial buildings and tourist sites. His designs promote harmony between the human habitat and the natural world, and this perfect balance is the best thing about them.