Deanna Steinborn is the Queen of Ethereal Ceramics Art

Most people don’t give pottery much thought and pick up the first coffee mug or cereal bowl they find cute, but some of them deserve our full attention. That’s the case with Deanna Steinborn’s ceramics creations, which will win you over with their whimsical vibes.

Steinborn is the mastermind behind Hand to Earth Ceramics, which she describes as “a clay love letter to the magic and beauty of the natural world”. She fell in love with this art form while attending a ceramics course at college in 2011, and never looked back.

For Steinborn, ceramics represents magic, nature, art, and the beauty hidden inside small, quiet moments. Her connection to natural elements is pretty obvious from her work since many of her creations feature butterflies, moths, bees, and other insects, but they’re represented in a colorful and whimsical way that shows them in a whole new light.

That’s exactly the beauty of Steinborn’s work—she finds magical qualities in the world around her and channels it through her ceramic pieces. In addition to looking amazing, her cups, bowls, and planters are fully functional and she’s making them all from her tiny home studio.