Laetitia Ky Models Marc Jacobs Bags With Her Hair Sculptures

Laetitia Ky has become famous on social media for her hair, but not for the reasons you may think. Her hair isn’t long and flowy or sporting the latest hairstyles, rather, she uses it to create sculptures. Her hair sculptures have even gotten the attention of designer Marc Jacobs, who used her to promote three of his luxury bags.

Ky posted the photos of the project on her Instagram writing, “Creating those images for @marcjacobs was a pure time of joy. Inspiration will be always at its max when you love the product you promote ! I am in love with all my new bags and #thetotebag is my new favorite ! 😊😊😊”

In the first photo, the hair artist sculpted her hair into a cute little dog with its head popping out of the pink version of the Marc Jacobs Small Traveler Tote Bag. Ky is also wearing a black A-line tent dress from the brand. She shared the video of her prepping her hair for the final product on her TikTok. She told Allure that this was her favorite look, “I was thinking about what I could put in it if I wanted to do a cute picture,” she says. “I immediately thought about cute animals since that’s universally loved.”

In the second photo, Ky’s hair is holding the second bag, a salmon pink crossbody known as the Quilted Softshot 21. She styled her hair into the shape of an arm that’s growing from the top of her head, which grasps the purse from her thumb and forefinger. She’s also wearing an adorable deep-printed cardigan from Marc Jacobs.

The last photo is a bit less shock worthy as Ky’s wearing the bag normally draped around her shoulder and her hair is crafted into an M and J for the brand’s initials Marc Jacobs. Ky’s wearing the Kat Dress in light gray, which features a Peter Pan collar with a peachy nude Snapshot DTM crossbody. 

We look forward to seeing other collaborations that are in store for the hair artist and for more of her Ky’s work, follow her Instagram.

Check out more of her amazing creations below.