3 Creative Ways to Take Unique Photos of Fall Foliage

Autumn scenery
Photo by Chris Adams on Unsplash

There’s something truly magical about photos of fall foliage. But after looking through hundreds of them, sometimes it can be a struggle to see the difference. If you want your seasonal photos to look unique and truly pop out, here are some creative photography ideas you should try out.

Amazing Reflections

Taking fall foliage photos in the middle of the woods is all fun and games, but they’ll look much better if there’s a river or a lake nearby. Water surfaces will take your photos to the next level, because they allow you to capture reflections and practice long exposures along the way.

Just Look Up

If you find yourself surrounded by tall trees during your photography sessions, don’t forget to look up every once in a while. You’ll end up taking amazing photos of trees towering above you and reaching high to the sky.

Capture the Details

Most people focus on the bigger picture when it comes to fall foliage, but your photos can look equally amazing if you pay extra attention to the details. Try taking photos of trees on the ground, bare tree trunks, and tree textures, and see if you can discover some interesting compositions and patterns along the way.