Miracle Eye Will Rock Your World with Its Groovy Designs

If you have a soft spot for retro designs with a funky feel, then Miracle Eye is about to become your new favorite fashion brand. This family-owned business specializes in vintage and handmade designs that will win you over with their vibrant colors, quirky patterns, and groovy vibe.

Miracle Eye was founded by Larissa Blintz, who runs this brand in Los Angeles with her Latino family. She started her journey through the fashion world by selling vintage clothing on eBay, but eventually realized she wanted to give designing clothes a shot.

Miracle Eye was born out of her passion for vintage clothing, where she specializes with the ’60s and ’70s styles. Her designs are sourced from all around the world, and she also puts a special focus on hand-sewing and designing fashion pieces inspired by that same era.

Blintz prides herself in starting a brand that’s sustainable and waste-free, and they work with vintage deadstock recycled fabrics whenever possible. Miracle Eye is also entirely family-ran, and she wouldn’t be able to do it without her mother, who is a professional seamstress.

Miracle Eye’s offer is pretty versatile and it includes all types of clothing from dresses to accessories. They even introduced a home collection, featuring stained glass art, blankets, prints, and more.