Tomo Koizumi is Crafting the Most Magical Ruffled Dresses You’ll Ever See

Tomo Koizumi show at the Fall Winter 2019 New York Fashion Week. Photo by Shutterstock (10103938ar)

If you’re a huge fan of whimsical, dreamy, and over-the-top fashion designs, Tomo Koizumi will rocky your world. The Japanese designer is rising through the ranks of the fashion world thanks to his magical, ruffled gowns.

It’s been less than a decade since Tomo Koizumi launched his fashion brand, and his very first runway show took place last year at the New York Fashion Week. Koizumi hasn’t been around for too long, but he has a clear vision for his designs and each of his gowns is instantly recognizable.

Bright colors, bold silhouettes, and layers upon layers of ruffles make his dresses truly amazing. Koizumi is constantly improving his ruffling technique and coming up with new ways to combine different colors and patterns while paying homage to the Japanese culture.

His brand is still growing and he’s utilizing his experience as a styling assistant and costume artist to find success in the fashion industry. His dresses are true works of art and look like an explosion of ruffles. That’s exactly the reason why they attracted many beloved celebrities, including Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry.