Taylor Ann Linko’s “Fire” Wedding Dresses Have Been Going Viral!

Most artists spend their whole life dreaming of becoming a household name and when they do become famous, it’s after a lot of hard work and obstacles along the way. Artist Taylor Ann Linko has wanted to become an artist since elementary school when she started decorating fruit baskets and selling them to her mom’s friends. It wasn’t until a few months after her wedding that she finally made it with her amazing fire wedding dress.


Like many brides, Linko was looking forward to wearing a wedding dress on her big day, but she didn’t want a standard white dress. That’s when she came up with the idea to buy a wedding dress and to paint it. The process took a long time, which included color testing and perfecting the technique of airbrushing it. Her dress was finally ready a week before her wedding and she wore the custom dress to say her vows.

Months after her wedding, other people took notice of her one-of-a-kind dress, and she started getting social media notifications. Her dress was even shared on the front page of a UK gossip blog!


“The art of painting wedding dresses started when my dress went viral. I’ve always been a very colorful artist. So I got to experimenting and brainstorming how to incorporate my passion for art and color into my wedding,” she told Bored Panda.


After tons of people reached out to her to paint their dresses and Linko decided to rent a studio and start a small business of paining wedding dresses.

Each dress on her Instagram page is unique and her bio explains it best, “I’m an Artist Painting on Wedding Gowns🎨.” We love her dresses and how unique they are. Can you imagine getting married in a “fire” wedding dress?