Tatiana Gavrilova’s Cat Plates are Puurfect for Feline Lovers

What’s cuter than a cat curled up in a ball with their tail wrapped around their body and their head tucked into their chest? How about ceramic cat plates in this sleepy position? This is the inspiration behind Tatiana Gavrilova’s one-of-a-kind tableware that’s ideal for cat lovers.

The plates are available in a range of sizes from small jewelry dishes to larger decorative plates. Each of her works uses white clay and are painted by hand, making each one unique in its own way. Some of them even have metal loops on the back, so you can display them as wall art.

The Russian artisit’s love for cats is what inspires her to create these adorable ceramics. “I love cats very much,” she told My Modern Met. “I also love ceramics. It gives almost limitless opportunities for the realization of my ideas!”

And no cat is left behind in the ceramics—there are striped tabbies, black and white cats, Siamese cats, and Calico cats. All of the plates have two things in common—pointed cat ears and swooped tail to complete the rounded form of the plate.

Is there a plate that looks like your kitty? One thing for sure is that her work is as kitschy as it is cute.