Mara Paris is Crafting Amazing Jewelry Inspired by Modern Art

Line art has been having quite a moment in the last couple of months, and it’s overtaken every aspect of our lives—including our jewelry collection. If you’re looking for a designer who specializes in crafting beautiful line art jewels, Mara Paris is your best bet.

Paris describes herself as an artist who “aims to bring together elegance and uniqueness through sculptural pieces” and “offers jewelry to people who love to wear and collect exceptional objects.” Each of her pieces draws inspiration from architectural and modern art and they’re usually made with sterling silver and vermeil.

If we had to pick Paris’s signature product, we’d have to go with Dina ear cuff, which takes the form of a person’s face inspired by single-line drawings. This brand specializes in ear cuffs, in general, and offers a wide range of interesting models that will make you fall in love with this underrated piece of jewelry.

In addition to ear cuffs, Mara Paris offers a wide range of classic earrings, rings, and necklaces. They’ll available for purchase on the brand’s official website and wearing them will make you feel like you’re walking around with a tiny piece of art everywhere you go.