Stonehart Jewelry Will Make You Feel Like an Angel

Most jewelry brands are best known for their necklaces, earrings, and rings, but not Stonehart. They have all of these products in-store, but floating wings are actually their biggest hit because they allow you to feel like a real angel.

This Los Angeles-based brand was founded by costume and couture designer Toree Arntz. She describes Stonehart pieces as timeless keepsakes, inspired by “intrinsic beauty of the natural world and its folklore, mythical creatures, and phases.”

While working under the moniker Fauxtale, Arntz used naturally molted and found materials from animals she worked with at the Wildlife Waystation. Stonehart was born out of this idea, but she adopted a more affordable and sustainable approach with this brand.

Stonehart’s products, including its signature floating wings, are an expression of resiliency and rebirth. They’ll make you feel like you stepped into a fairy tale, and you can pick between several different colors ranging from white and black to golden and pastel rainbow shade.

Stonehart also offers a wide range of jewelry inspired by winged creatures, including moths and butterflies. The rest of their products are equally dreamy, especially their crowns and headpieces that have the same kind of whimsical quality as their angel wings.