Daniel Popper’s Art Installations Are Larger Than Life

Even if Daniel Popper’s name doesn’t ring a bell, if you’re passionate about travel, art, and architecture, chances are you’ve already stumbled upon one of his creations online. This sculpture artist from South Africa made a name for himself with his larger-than-life public art installations that have to be seen to be believed.

Popper’s work is inspired by humankind’s relationship with nature and it walks the fine line between stage design, installation art, architecture, and exterior design. Many of his sculptures made their way to the world’s top music festivals where they’ve been incorporated into stage and exterior design, creating a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience.

One of Popper’s most famous sculptures was permanently installed in Tulum during the “Art with Me” event that it was commissioned for. It’s called Ven a La Luz (Come into Light) and it symbolizes our deep connection with nature and ourselves.

This sculpture is worth a mention because it perfectly sums up what Popper’s art is all about. It’s made with steel, wood, rope, and greenery, it seamlessly blends into its surrounding, it looks human yet magical at the same time, and it’s there to draw people in and inspire them to explore its natural surroundings.