SAKO Architects’ Vibrant Buildings Will Take You to Colorful Paradise

Founded by visionary architect Keiichiro Sako, SAKO Architects grew into one of Asia’s most inventive architecture firms in the past two decades. They’re taking the world by storm with their colorful buildings, and here are three that have to be seen to be believed.

Kaleidoscope – Tianshui

SAKO Architects built several educational centers all around China, but none of them compares to this kindergarten in the small provincial town of Tianshui. Its windows and railings are covered with 438 pieces of colored glass, and their rainbow-like shades create a perfect contrast with the white exterior.

Columns – Shenzhen

SAKO Architects’ interiors are as impressive as their exteriors, and the foyer of Shenzhen Bay Sports Center Stadium is a case in point. The atrium is decorated with 500 pencil-like structures in all the colors of the rainbow, meant to create a vibrant centerpiece that connects the whole space together.

Vertical Rainbow – Tokyo

Tokyo is home to countless show-stopping buildings, and SAKO Architects are responsible for at least one of them. They used in-house paint for outdoor glass to transform an ordinary office building in Tokyo into a colorful oasis, and it’s a true delight to watch the sunlight hit its windows, illuminating each room with bright, colorful light.