14 Best PHP Cheat Sheets

These are PHP cheat sheets for learning programmers and professional web developers.

A cheat sheet is a set of commands written for quick reference, that’s why they are also called quick reference guides. These cheat sheets are mighty helpful for beginners and intermediate level users.

Today I’ve got PHP cheat sheets for beginning programmers who don’t remember all the PHP codes by heart.

Tip: What you should do is that you print out these cheat sheets, stick them up near your workstation.

PHP Cheat Sheets

Online Sheet Cheat for PHP 5

As the title suggests, this is an online version. This is not really printable but it has its advantages. The biggest of those advantages is that it is very highly detailed and it is searchable.

Searchable PHP Cheetsheet

PHP Help Sheet

This is a printable PDF file. This PHP cheat sheet is intended for the beginners and intermediate level users. It helps you to perform day to day actions and commands in PHP. These commands may include adding date, time, starting a string, ending a string etc. etc. etc.


The VisiBone PHP Big Book

This is a printable cheat sheet. This is in picture format, GIF to be exact. This is also very detailed PHP cheat sheet. The only criticism on it can only be that it is not designed properly and not readable for computer screens.

Skinny Sheet

PHP Reference Sheet Basics

It is in PDF format, hence printable. Nicely designed, compact and ideal for professional level designers.

PHP Reference Sheet

Blue Shoes: PHP Cheat Sheet

Not a very detailed kind of cheat sheet. And its not really printable one, but it is made for specialists. This PHP cheat sheet is presented in an array like format.


PHP security checklist

This is PDF printable cheat sheet. Excellent for beginners, and regularity for professionals.

PHP security checklist

Quick Reference Chart for PHP

Available as online version and PDF printable version as well. It includes the most commonly used commands on PHP. Good resource for beginners and intermediate level programmers and web developers.


PHPUnit Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet is available in PNG, PDF and online SlideShare formats. Very nicely made and the large size text make it eligible for mobile device reading.

PHP Unit Cheat Sheet

PHP & MySQL For Dummies

This is the official “for dummies” cheatsheet for PHP.


The VisiBone PHP Skinny Sheet

This is again a GIF format PHP cheat sheet. Designed for professionals this cheat sheet guides you in many things.


These are all the PHP cheatsheets we had for you today.

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