Printable jQuery Cheat Sheet Collection

This is a jQuery cheat sheet collection for web designers and developers.

Cheat sheets are like steroids for web designers. They help us learn things quicker. Today’s cheat sheets are no different. They help us code JavaScript quickly and efficiently.

These are all free jQuery cheat sheets and I have tried to collect as many printable PDF files as I can. A couple of them are not PDF but still, they are printable.

And if you like a gizmo, Code:Deck is a set of geek playing cards that teaches jQuery.

So here’s the free collection of cheat sheets. If you like them, please don’t forget to tweet about them.

Free jQuery Cheat Sheet Collection for Web Designers

To reach the source page of any of these cheat sheets, just click on the name/title.

jQuery Cheat sheet by JS Toolbox

I’m placing this one the top of the list because this is one of my favorites in the list. It is one of my favorites because it makes it clear how callbacks receive arguments and what they are. It also clarifies methods of functionality and confusing selector syntax. You can download this cheat sheet in PDF and XLS formats as well as a big 3300px image.

jQuery Cheat Sheet

jQuery API Cheat Sheet

This is a big cheat sheet that not only covers jQuery but its relevant CSS as well.

jQuery API Cheat Sheet

jQuery Visual Cheat Sheet

This is the jQuery visual cheat sheet version 1.7. This is the latest version that was released just a week ago.

jQuery Visual Cheat Sheet

jQuery Reference Card

This jQuery cheat sheet is made by one of the most popular web design post aggregator Dzone.

jQuery Reference Card

jQuery Reference Guide

This is quite a lot like the one above, but this one is more detailed.

Over API jQuery

jQuery API Reference

This free jQuery cheat sheet contains code guides for selectors, attributes, events, manipulation and traversing with JavaScript.

jQuery Quick API Reference

Validator Cheat Sheet

If you want to create valid, search engine friendly codes then this is the cheat sheet for you. It was designed back in 2010 but it is still… valid.

Validator Cheat Sheet

Searchable Cheat Sheet

This is a quick reference guide. If you need to learn a cheat of one particular selector/attribute, you can just search it.

Searchable Cheat Sheet

jQueryUI Icons Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet enables to use jQuery’s  built-in UI icons in your projects.

jQuery UI Icons

Bonus Cheat Sheets

Now let’s check out a couple of JavaScript cheat sheets and a couple of free jQuery cheat sheet-like resources.

JavaScript Cheat Sheet

This is one my favorite JavaScript Cheat Sheets. This is one of the resources that taught me JS.


Searchable JavaScript Cheat Sheet

JavaScript methods and functions, a guide to regular expressions and the XMLHttpRequest object.

Searchable JS Cheat Sheet

Above, we covered the latest cheat sheets but there are some other resources worth mentioning.

  • jQuery Cheat Sheet Wallpaper: this one is a little outdated. It was made for jQuery 1.2 back in 2008. Still pretty useful, especially if you want to set it as your wallpaper. Supported resolution is 1280 x 960.
  • jQuery’s Official API: this is a must check resource if you are a web designer.

That’s it everyone. Keep designing, keep developing and stay happy.