Mallory Barton Creates Hilarious and Relatable Embroidery Hoops

Embroidery artists usually tend to stitch dreamy and delicate creations—and then there’s Mallory Barton. Her embroidery hoops also feature colorful botanical designs, but hilarious lines and quotes give them a whole new layer of meaning.

Barton fell in love with embroidery in 2017, while still working as an office administrator for an electrical testing company in her hometown of Richmond, Virginia. She’s completely self-taught, and she learned everything she knows today by watching tutorials on YouTube.

Like many artists in this field, Barton usually starts her process by doodling a sketch on her iPad before transferring it to the fabric. Inspiration hits her at the weirdest of times, and she tries to repeat the ideas to herself over and over again until she’s able to write them down.

Many of Barton’s hoops feature colorful leaves and flowers, but that’s not what makes them special. Her embroidery page @ellucystitches went viral because many of her hoops feature hilarious, relatable, and passive-aggressive lines and iconic quotes from some of her favorite TV shows, including The Office.