Jewelry Designer Amanda Assad Has Started Releasing Pottery and Artwork

Art and fashion go hand in hand as they often inspire each other. And no one knows this better than LA-based jewelry designer Amanda Assad whose brand Mounser creates sculptural earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Recently, the brand has expanded into pottery, paintings, and pencil sketches, blending the two mediums together.

The Lebanese designer has always been in love with painting and she started making jewelry in 2009 before debuting Mounser in 2015. Mounser is known for asymmetrical, spherical, and metal-worked jewelry. She started exploring painting again to help her create new shapes for her jewelry.

Her inspiration comes from nature and her sketching sessions resulted in a series based in the moon’s cycles with themes of “evolution, metamorphosis, and transcendence”, according to The Zoe Report. “What took form during my sketching sessions were amorphous crescents, varying melting orbs, and twisting and undulating waves vibrating within one another harmoniously,” she told the news outlet. 

Assad is a strong believer that art is connected to a person’s energy and mindset and she hopes that her work makes the buyer feel a certain way. She’s currently working on “Sunset Pieces” which are dripping ombré saturations that represent the sun. The designer wants to one day add furniture to her already wide collection.

What do you think of her work?