How to Transform Family Photographs Into Heirlooms

Photographs are a great way to capture moments and make memories that can be passed down from generation to generation. Even though most photos are digitized today, you can still take photos from your smartphone or digital camera and turn them into keepsakes or you can look through photo albums for photos to use. Here are five ideas for turning your family photos into heirlooms.

Scrapbook Albums

Photo albums will always be a staple in every home, so why not create a unique scrapbook filled with photos, notes, and cards next time you print photos from a vacation, wedding, or graduation?

Quilts, Pillows, and Home Decor

Make your home more special by printing your photos professionaly on pillows, blankets, quilts, and furniture.

Prints, Murals, Calendars, and Wall-Art

Spruce up your home decor by printing your photos onto adhesive vinyl, designing a custom calendar with photos of your family, or framing photographs for your gallery wall.

Charms, Lockets, and Jewelry

Lockets with family photos make great birthday or Christmas gifts and they’re really easy to make. Just print the photo on heavyweight printer paper and use a template to cut the photo into the size that will fit into the locket.

Holiday Keepsakes

Make custom ornaments by printing photos from a special event, which can then be hung on your Christmas tree or used as Easter eggs during the holiday season.