5 Things You Can Photograph While Social Distancing

With our travel plans on hold indefinitely and many parks and reserves shut down, creatives have been stuck working from home trying to keep their minds active and their work flowing. But, just because you’re spending more time at home, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find inspiration from what’s surrounding you. There’s no time like the present to think outside of the box and to further your skillset. Here are five things you can film while social distancing.


There’s nothing more memorizing than the stars in the sky and if you live in a rural or country area, you’ll be able to see the stars even more clearly. Try and wait for days surrounding a new moon and night’s that are cloud-free.

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Clear nights under the Perseids

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Food Photography

Whip up a fun new dish and place it by a window for natural light, then set the table with a few accessories and start shooting. Try shooting from different angles like aerial shots, head-on angles, and action photos.

Pet Photography

Nothing brings a smile to people’s faces like cute pictures of pets and people can use light-hearted content on their social media page, now more than ever. If you’re new to pet photography, get on your pet’s level as it will help their personality shine through the photo. Also don’t forget about action shots with your pet’s favorite toy.


Architecture Photography

If you’re able to head outside, grab a face mask and try photographing architecture or buildings. Play around with the angles, lighting, and perspective.


Don’t be shy—photograph yourself! Just set up a tripod and a simple background and use yourself as the subject. Get creative with props, angles, and poses.