4 TikTok Photo Trends to Try

4 TikTok photography trends.
Photo by Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash

When it comes to staying up to date on viral trends, TikTok is the place to start. Not only is it a goldmine for food, fashion, and beauty hack and tips, it’s perfect for photographers. These photography trends are taking off on TikTok and if you’re feeling like you’re in a creative slump, they’re perfect for getting you excited about your passion. Here are four photo trends you should try.


Tutorials are super popular on the platform with over 90 billion views under the #learnontiktok. Share your tips, advice, or tricks with other users and inspire them with your passion and knowledge of the field.


For more in-depth explanations and more photo expression tips, check my YouTube special. #DoTheScottsSlide

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#ForThePhoto/Behind the Scenes

The idea behind this is to show what goes on behind the scenes and the shooting process. It gives people a look at how the perfect shots are achieved, showing total transparency.

Photo Challenges

TikTok is known for its challenges and there are a ton of fun photo ones you can get in on. Some of our favorites include The Star(light), The Puddle, The Frames, and The Vogue Challenge.


here are my fake vogue covers…. the last one is my favorite #foryou #voguechallenge #photograhy #modelingchallenge

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Memes and Comedy

There are a plethora of videos that show the unique dynamic between clients and photographers as well as the editing process. They’re really relatable, fun, and they allow your personality to shine through.