3 Common Mistakes You’re Making with Instagram Filters

Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

Most people can’t imagine posting a single Instagram photo without applying a filter before sharing it with the world. Filters can break or make your photos and help it gain hundreds or even thousands of likes—as long as you avoid these three common mistakes.

Using the Same Filter

Not all filters are created equal. Some of them work great for sunrises and sunsets, while others are a better fit for indoor photography. Even if you want your feed to look tonally cohesive, using the same filter isn’t the best way to accomplish it.

Editing Options

In addition to filters, Instagram also offers editing options. They can be used to change brightness, contrast, saturation, and many other aspects of your photo. If there’s something about your photo that’s a little bit off after you applied the filter, you can use editing options to improve it.

Avoiding Other Photo Tools

Instagram isn’t the only app that you can use to apply filters to your photos. Most professional bloggers and influencers opt for Lightroom presets instead, while others prefer enhansing their Instagram feed by using VSCO filters.