X+Living’s Architectural Designs Are Straight Out of This World

Chinese architectural design company X+Living has only been around for a decade, but their designs transcend space and time. Some of studio’s designs are so mesmerizing and complex that they look like something we only get to see in futuristic sci-fi movies.

This company was founded in 2011 by the Chinese architect Li Xiang, who wanted to embark on “a high pursuit of the perfect integration of artistic aesthetics and practical functions.” Her designs are constantly evolving, and getting grander and more extravagant with each project.

Xiang is best known for transforming bookstores around China into dreamscapes that perfectly capture the magic of immersing in a good book. Her collaboration with the Zhongshuge bookstore chain in China gave us some of the most surreal designs in the literary world, and thousands of people flock to these bookstores every day just to witness their magic in person.

Bookstores may be what Xiang is best known for, but she has a lot more in store. X+Living took part is a variety of different projects over the years, ranging from retail and office spaces to hotels, restaurants, and family-friendly establishments.