We Are Hiring!

Social Media Manager or Growth Marketer

Do you know what these terms mean: CPA, ROI, SMM, SEM, Lead Generation, Content Marketing, Growth Hacking…?

Do metrics and analytics excite you? Keep you up all night??

Do you think the greatest happiness in the world lies in breaking algorithms?

If you do, then we’ve got the job for you!
We need a offshore marketing growth hacker for Designzzz.com

Job Description

Designzzz.com is a blog by/for web designers. We, at Designzzz, have been continuously publishing authentic content for over six years and we have dedicated readers from all corners of the globe, Yet, somehow, we never focused much on marketing… and that’s where you come in.

We need a team member who can:

  • Devise strategies for marketing on social media networks
  • Advice content topics according to needs of marketing.
  • Plan and manage advertisement campaigns.
  • Generate leads.
  • Build relationships.


There are none! We don’t ask for your academic qualifications, gender, religion or even criminal record. We don’t care where you are located or what age you are. If you can do the things we just mentioned, then just fill out this form.