47 Heartwarming Valentines Day Wallpapers

These are lovely Valentines day wallpapers. These wallpapers can be used on computers and mobiles alike.

Some people believe that one Valentine’s day is not enough; in fact, every day should be a celebration of love. I think everyday is a Valentine’s day when you have that special someone in your life, but you would still need one day dedicated to love. And that day couldn’t be better than 14th of Feb, the day that announces spring has arrived.

We have been sharing quite a lot of posts related to Valentine’s day during the last week. My favorite was anime artworks for Valentine’s day but there were others as well. Do check them out if you are a fan of the most romantic day of the year.

Romantic Valentines Day Wallpapers

Heart Shape by Jootix

When two people join hands, it completes one heart.

hands making heart shape

Valentine Wallpaper by Tintone

Love is in the air.

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The Bunny Who loved me by Toosh Toosh

This is one of the innocently funny ones I mentioned. There aren’t any hilarious wallpapers in this collection but these cute love wallpapers.

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Valentines by Amit

You and me forever and ever.

latest valentines day wallpapers

Digital Vector Special by Preet

If you are a designer, I’m sure you’ll appreciate this wallpaper. It’s one of my favorite ones.

Valentine's Day Wallpaper

Valentine Wallpaper by Funk Master

A rose is the symbol of love and Valentine’s day.

Wallpaper at Saint Valentines

Valentines by Pincel 3D

A paint splatter of heart. There’s another one on the next page.

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Valentine Hearts by Alien Twilight

If you love red, this is your wallpaper.

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Valentine’s Day Deisgn by Pinky Pinkee

And if you love 3D typography then this is your wallpaper.

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Valentine Wallpaper Pack by Akkash

It’s a snowy St. Valentine’s Day.

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Love is fire by Jootix

Love ignite a fire in you. It is a fire itself.

Fire typography on the word love

Baby Penguin Wallpaper by Oborochann

Penguins is one of the cutest animals already… and this is just too much.

valentines day wallpapers

Love You (Female)

The message everyone wanna hear everyday.

14 February Wallpaper

Valentine’s (War) Day

Love is war!

War vs. Love

A Special Gift for Valentine’s Day

That’s a lengthy way propose.

special valentines day gift

Patterns of Heart

This seems like a seamless pattern which means you can tile it and there won’t be any edge breaks. You can use it on a poster, wallpaper and of course, your desktop background. But if you decide to use it as your desktop background, make sure you set the setting to tile.

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Electrifying Heart

This image reminds me of the famous song, “The Power of Love.”

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Heart of Roses

I feel this image is pretty useful in Valentine’s day related designs. If used in small size, this image can add design value a hundred times.

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Valentines Day

This is one of my favorite wallpapers in this list.

beach valentine's day

Love Story

This is the story of every love story.

love story wallpaper for valentines day

First Love

You never forget your first love.

Creative first love wallpaper valentines day

Kiss Me

Just close your eyes and kiss me.

lovely valentines day wallpapers

Couple On Swing

This is another one of my favorites. The second wallpaper of this series is on the next page.

love couple wallpapers for valentines day

This is the second page of the Valentine’s day wallpapers collection. If you haven’t checked out the first page yet, please click here.

This page contains 24 beautiful wallpapers that you should decorate your desktops with this Valentine’s day… but first, let’s take a bite from history.

The history of Valentine’s day is a bit blurry. Many myths storm around about St. Valentine… but nothing is for certain.

The strongest assumption about it is that St. Valentine was a saint in the Roman era when a tyrant imposed a law forbidding men to marry before the age of 40. The tyrant wanted men to be brave soldiers and he believed that married men cared more about their families than their king!
St. Valentine, in those days, started breaking the law of the land and started to get couples married. From that day onward, he is considered as the savior of love.

I Love You, Valentine’s Day Illustration

valentines day wallpapers

Hearts in the Stars

high resolution love wallpapers

Pocky Love

pocky love valentines day wallpaper

Heart Present

Presenting a heart wallpapers for valentines day

Love of my life

love of my life wallpaper

When You Are In Love

in love valentine wallpaper


inseparable love wallpaper

I Love You by Robson

valentines day wallpapers

Fly with me this Valentine’s Day by Cool Edition


St. Valentine Wallpaper by Alex Eit


Valentine’s Heart by Lilyas

valentine's day wallpaper

Paint Splash Heart

paint splash heart wallpaper for lovers

Valentines Day Typography

creative Valentines Day Wallpaper

You are my <3

Valentines day on black

Life is Hard – Valentines Gift by Galite

beautiful valentines day wallpapers

Valentines Light Trails

amazing high resolution wallpapers

Be My Big Love

Big Heart love Valentine Wallpaper

Happy Friggin Valentines

happy valentines day sad wallpapers