Finest Twilight Photography


This post includes stunning twilight photography and tips so that you could also capture this twilight in your camera.

If you have opened this page for Twilight the movie franchise or Twilight the book series, you would be utterly disappointed because this page is not even remotely relevant to that.

Twilight is the soft glow you see in the sky when the sun is setting below the horizon. This glow is formed when sunshine is reflected from the atmosphere layer.

In photography terms, twilight is the time span of two hours around sunset. And we are sharing photos of those timings.

These are absolutely picturesque images and they can be a huge inspiration for you to go out, try to take these photos yourself… or just the enjoy this magical time.

What a time twilight is, to some it’s the time of romance, to some it’s the time of prayers but to most of us it’s the time to go back home. It is the time when drop off all burdens and be with the people we love. Pictures of twilight hours bring us the same feeling and that’s why they are so popular.

Twilight Photography Tips

Best time to shoot it is almost Sunset/Sunrise to make the shadows long. 20-30 minutes after the sunset also works great when Artificial Lights are taking over.

Be there at least 20 minutes before the showtime. You should be able to get a feel of the environment and find the best location.

Focal point is a must. One prominent subject, like a tree, the sun, sunshine rays, water, a stone or something that the viewer’s eye can focus on.

Use the shutter release cable (if you have one for long exposure photos) or you can use the timer delay option.

Set everything on Manual, Auto focus OFF.

Set the ASA to the lowest (100 mostly).

Twilight Photographs in the Magic Hour!

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Volcanic Twilight

Washington’s Mount Rainier reflects in the lake at twilight hour. Stars shine and this looks like the most peaceful place on planet earth.

Mount Rainer at Twilight hour.

Twilight Fields

Just a corn field in twilight hour. Its the photographer who makes it look so mythical.

Picture perfect corn fields at twilight time.


This is an 11-in-1 HDR image. The star trails absolutely stunning.

A night trails, also called star trails picture taken at twilight.

African Nightfall

Kubu Island, Makgadikgadi Pans, Botswana. The amazing click is by Hougaard Malan.

African Nightfall. One of the most magnificent twilight pictures.


Another photo taken at Mount Rainier, by the same photographer: Alex Noriega.

Flowers in hilly area at twilight hour.


Picture taken at Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee, North Carolina.


Arc de Triomphe Twilight

Arc of Triumph in Paris is one of the world’s most visited places by tourists.

Arc de Triomphe at Twilight, Paris France.

Lotus Lake @ Thailand

Thailand is one of the worlds most growing tourist markets. Here, you can know why.

Lotus lake twilight picture

Twilight Time

Fire effect using silhouette technique.

Twilight photo taken a little before sunset. Creating a silhouette effect.


Clouds are enraged!

Lightning at twilight hour.


Budapest, Hungary at twilight.

budapest twilight pictures.


Dust of Dusk

The jungle, the mist, the twilight… what are we doing in the cities?

Twilight tree photography

Path to Success

The stones in the sea form a path to glory.

twilight hour sunshine photography

Dawn in Simeiz

Long exposure photo of dawn.

long exposure twilight picture.

Twilight City

Pink Santorini: famous greek island at twilight hour.

Pink Santorini: famous greek island at twilight hour.

Montreal from the docks

Canada’s capital reveals the colors of autumn.

Canada's capital shows the colors of autumn.

The Twilight

I don’t know what place is this… but I’d sure love to reside in that hut.

twilight pictures: a hut in the lake and sunset.

On the Road

An HDR image of countryside road on sunset hour.

Twilight pictures: An HDR image of countryside road on sunset hour.

Downhill Strand

Twilight, its purple!

Twilight, its purple!

Twilight sets on our lake house

Lake house at twilight hour.

Lake house at twilight hour.

The Photographer

A photographer is at work…. nobody disturb please.

a photographer at twilight