Design a Creative Retro Wallpaper in Photoshop

Today I’m going to make a tutorial for everyone’s desktop. It’s a Retro wallpaper design.

We have to make a vision of every design before designing, and we have to have a simple and straight concept in mind which uses low resources for extraordinary outcome. In this tutorial I use most likely simple tools and make an amazing and colorful wallpaper.

Let’s take a look on the tutorial, hope you all learn a lot.

Final Result

Free Photoshop poster design tutorial

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Elements We Will Use


First thing first, take a blank layer.

Free Photoshop poster tutorial

Add this color.

Free photoshop tutorial

Here I take a custom shape from the default custom shapes available in Photoshop. We used this shape as a background.

Free photoshop tutorial vector wallpaper

We are done with the drawing (for now). We first Rasterize the layer and then crop it off to give it a cubical shape.

How to design a wallpaper in photoshop

Here I apply this gradient on the background layer with the following colors.

Free photoshop gradeint tool use tutorial

Draw a shape with the Marquee Tool and select the Add Value from the property bar in order to make clouds.

How to make clouds in photoshop

We are done with the adding and we have to fill it with the black and white colors on the new layer and change the layer style to the overlay. You will see the final result after a few steps.

Free photoshop tutorial


I made a new layer for the road and filled it with this color.

retro wallpaper in photoshop tutorial

Here I am giving a texture to the road from the pattern overlay.

Free photoshop tutorials

I drew some shapes for making the road stripes, After drawing the stripes we merged the layers into one called Road.

Free photoshop tutorial psd

Let’s Merge!

I transformed the road to make it look like vanishing into the Horizon in the background. The tool for this can be reached by going to the Edit>Transform>Perspective and press the top left and top right anchor points of the layer inwards. You can also see the results of the clouds we made.

Free photoshop tutorial

Here I also use the perspective tool on the car for making the effect more realistic, but this time we stretch the points to outside.

Free photoshop tutorialcs5

Same step again on the other car.

free photoshop tutorials

Here I place the Gramophone in the middle of  the cars. This doesn’t make much sense but looks good nevertheless.

Free Photoshop tutorials retro wallpaper

I took a road sign and put it on the road, and going again to the perspective tool to adjust the perspective according to the scene.

Free photoshop tutorials

Free photoshop tutorials


It’s time for some realistic touch – I’m going to make the board more vivid by adding the spots of dust on it. I used Brush Tool , Appended Faux Media Brushes and then selected the brush you can see in the figure below.

Free photoshop tutorials

Here I used some Hand Drawn Buildings for the retro effect and making the background Transparent.

free photoshop tutorials

Now let’s use the bird brushes from the Free Bird Brush Set and we added the parachute which I made with the help of pen tool. You can find the vectors of the parachute in the Downloadable PSD file. You find the download link in the end of this tutorial. I adjusted the buildings by rotating or transforming.

Free photoshop tutorials

I copied the White cloud on the new layer and transformed the cars on the road for making the glowing effect. I changed it’s layer style to the Overlay  which is very important but not much visible in the wallpaper, yet this shine plays an important role in the graphic.

Free photoshop tutorials

I selected the Erase Tool and then the following brush tip with same settings we used earlier and erased from the cloud layer ‘s specific areas. I then copied the erased layer, changed its color to Black and placed it under the cars for black shine.

Free photoshop tutorials

Last step is to a plane in the scene, make the background transparent and place it in front of the clouds.

Free photoshop tutorials

Final Result

Free Photoshop poster design tutorial