These Home Décor Ideas are Inspired By 2021 Fashion Trends

When something becomes popular in fashion, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes trendy in home décor. Home décor is heavily influenced by fashion and this year, home décor trends are coming straight from what we saw on the runways with prints and patterns taking center stage. Here are three trends you’ll be seeing in homes as well as in wardrobes in 2021.


This fun, carefree pattern takes us back to the ’90s when those turquoise and purple squiggly cups were all the rage. While we first saw squiggles appear on dresses and earrings, now the pattern can be found on candles, towels, mirrors, and side tables.


This grungy pattern first became popular with Vans, but in recent years, it has adorned coats, sweaters, and pants. Now, rugs, teapots, and blankets can be seen with this fun pattern. Instead of just the classic black and white, we are seeing the pattern in bright colors and optical illusions.


What’s more fun than a fringe jacket? Fringe blankets, rugs, and pillows! Fringe fits in perfectly with boho, natural décor making it easy to incorporate into your home.