100 Most Beautiful Youthful Tattoos for Girls

This is a showcase of exceptionally beautiful tattoos for girls. I have tried to pick only youthful, vibrant, lively tattoos that suit the young and modern girls of 21 century.

Since this is a big collection, I have separated in many examples in categories. The first category contains text based tattoos, which include quotes and sayings etc., second category includes the a selection of romantic tattoos for girls and their lovers. I have also included some of the best henna tattoos, which are quite popular in the middle east and South Asia. That’s a type of temporary tattoos.

Then, in the end, the last category contains a blend of all kinds of tattoos, including animal tattoos, symbols, meaningful tattoos, 3D and all kinds of them, but they are all tattoos for girls.

Quotes and Literary Tattoos for Girls

A thinking woman sleeps with monsters.

A tattoo for a thinking girl

Here comes the sun.

Here comes the sun tattoo

Made by mom and dad.

A cute text based tattoo for girls

A very excellent and cool quote symbol literary tattoo idea.

An idea for a literary tattoo

And so the lion fell in love with a lamb, a cool and amazing literary tattoo.

And so, the lion fell in love with the lamb

Life flows within you and without you. One of the most meaningful tattoo quotes out there.

Life flows within you and without you

I feel infinite, really amazing and awesome literary tattoo design.

Powerful tattoos for girls

I am I am I am, another cool heart literary tattoo design.

I AM is another powerful message

Fate fell short.

Fate fell short

Be of a life little more careful than of everything, another amazing literary tattoo.

Be of life a little more careful

Look after my heart I have left it with you.

A sad one for love-struck girls

O remember in your narrowing dark hours that more things move than blood in the heart.

For the girls with literary tastes

She has no idea the effect she can have, awesome literary tattoo.

She has no idea the effect she can have

Nothing is worth more than this day, amazing literary tattoo.

Nothing is worth more than this day...

Don’t forget to love yourself.

Don't forget to love yourself

It’s only forever, not long at all.

It's only forever, not long at all

Sometimes you’ve gotta fall before you can fly.

Sometimes you've gotta fall before you can fly

Home is where your heart is.

Home heart tattoo

We must never ever be boring.

Never ever

I am the architect of my own destruction.

I am the architect of my own destruction

With pain comes strength.

With pain comes strength

Life goes on.

Life goes on

Be the one to guide me but never let me drown.

Be the one to guide me

Dreams are our escape from reality.

Dreams are our escape from reality

And miles to go before I sleep.

And miles to go before I sleep

Not all those who wander are lost.

Not all those who wander are lost

Fairytales don’t tell dragon exist….

Fairytales dont tell dragon exist

Too weird to live, too rare to die.

Too weird to live, too rare to die

Love and Romance Tattoos for Girls

Hopelessly romantic… that’s me! But I don’t look as good as her. And I have to shave daily otherwise I’ll grow a beard.

Tattoo for the hopelessly romantic girl

Lock and key symbols are very very popular among love tattoos. From those many, this is the one I liked the most so I’m sharing it here with you guys.

Matching ones for couples

I shall love you until infinity, and beyond.

I will love you until infinity runs out

That’s a cutie.

A cute one for couples


Oh tattoo

Carving the initials of the partner on ring finger.

Carving the initials of the partner on ring finger

Promise? Promise!

Promise? Promise!

Yes it does!

Love Wins!

No lies just love, another lovely tattoo.

No lies just love, another lovely tattoo

“The True Love” amazing couple tattoos.

The true colors of love

The code of life starts with love and ends with hate.
This tattoo can only be understood if you know HTML. If you don’t, keep visiting Designzzz.com and you will understand it

The code of life starts with love and ends with hate


Henna and Mehndi Tattoos for Girls

Henna or Mehndi tattoos are actually temporary kind of tattoos that vanish in a few days.

Such graffiti takes lots of time to be designed. This is a mehndi tattoo at its finest.

This is one the most popular types of tattoos which girls can get on wrist and hands. They look gorgeous thanks to their bright red color (which is synonymous with weddings and happiness across Asia) and floral-like patterns.

Awesome mehndi tattoo designs

Mehndi tattoos can be placed on hands, arms and feet.

Latest henna designs

This is a fresh mehndi tattoo; when it dries out, it turns red.

Mehndi hands

This is a dried out mehndi tattoo.

Mehndi for brides

Mehndi tattoos are absolutely gorgeous when used properly.

Mehndi picture

The hand of a newly married bride on the bed of her wedding night.

latest mehndi pictures

Mehndi is wore not just by the bride but almost all of the attending women.

Henna style wedding

Those hands I adore.

Arabic henna designs

Isn’t that breathtaking? I’m talking about the henna tattoo!

mehndi style for the neck

Lovely colors all around.

A beautiful pattern

Miscellaneous Types of Girl Tattoos

Cool blue butterfly and flora.

Cool blue butterfly

I love this one. Absolutely gorgeous.

Absolutely gorgeous

The subtle one.

The subtle butterfly

This is a 3D tattoo for girls.

A flying beauty

Full back, bear back.

Full back

Gives you wings.

Blue wings

A little is sits on my shoulder. That’s a cute tattoo.

Cute owl design for shoulder

A flying owl tattoo.

A flying owl

This is a cool owl tattoo for the leg.

Bird tattoo for girls

Cute ankle tattoo of an owl.

Cute ankle owl

That looks like a wise owl.

Bird tattoos for girls

Meditating owl.


Beautiful owl tattoos for your arms.

Beautiful arms

One of the best 3D tattoos for women that I found.

A 3D back

3D tattoo on a leg. This one is my favorite from the list that’s why I wanted to show it you first.

3D Leg Tattoo

I am absolutely stunned with the artwork on this one.

Full back female tattoo

Full back dragon tattoo for females.

Dragon on the Back

Have you ever watched Disney cartoons?

Disney back

A beautiful tattoo saying “Sail Away”.

It says sail away

An impressive piece of art.

Impressive piece of art

Another beautiful tattoo showing love for Mom and Dad.

Another beautiful tattoo showing love for your parents

One of the best tribal tattoos for girls

A great tribal tattoo for girls

A cool tattoo as memorial, really fantastic.

A cool memorial one

Clever girl!

keep quiet

Tip: match your nail-polish with your finger tattoos.

finger tattoo for girls

Nope, I’ll never get these finger tattoos but since they are unique, I added them in the collection.

inside hand tattoos

This is a Mexican sugar skull side tattoo for women.

A tattoo for your side

A beautiful tattoo of beautiful feathers.

Feathers for your wrist

Never leave your hope.


Cool star tattoo on a wrist.

Star on a wrist

A tiny beautiful and cute tattoo.

Cute little crescent

Stay tuned because we will keep adding more tattoos in this page.